Online Survey

Help us to identify the top priority topics for new Cochrane Haematology reviews and review updates


We are currently conducting a priority setting exercise to ensure that our resources and efforts are being used to produce high quality evidence on systematic review topics of the utmost importance to the end-users of Cochrane reviews.

If you are an individual who has been affected by haematological disease, a carer, health professional, guideline developer, researcher, policy maker or part of an advocacy group, we would love to hear from you.

You can contribute to the priority setting process by completing our online survey (using the link here). You will be prompted to rank your top 10 topics for review updates and top 5 topics for new reviews from the lists provided. The findings from this survey will help us decide priorities and future topics in the field of haematology not yet addressed in the Cochrane Library.

Please forward the survey link to people in your network in the field of haematology. We look forward to receiving your input. Thank you. If you have any queries about our survey and next steps, please contact Tina Jakob, Vanessa Piechotta or Caroline Hirsch.