Resources for healthcare users

The term consumer applies to anyone who uses, is affected by, or entitled or compelled to use a health related service. A consumer is anyone who is concerned with making well-informed health care decisions.

A consumer of Cochrane Haematology is:

  • a patient suffering from malignant lymphoma or leukaemia
  • a family member, friend or care provider
  • a representative of patient organizations or self-help groups

The editorial base of our group is situated in Cologne, Germany. All systematic reviews prepared by different authors around the world are sent to us for editing and peer review.
The communication with consumers throughout the world is managed by e-mail, phone, fax or ordinary mail. We provide you with the necessary material and networking with other consumers also supports your participation.
The annual Cochrane Colloquium is a good occasion to meet each other and to learn more about consumer involvement in the Cochrane Collaboration. The Cochrane Consumer Network helps through its website with support material for consumers.
CH has an active consumer group that assists in the editorial process of our reviews through peer review.

Would you like to co-operate with us?
When contacting us please let us know the topic you are interested in.

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